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January 23, 2020

Westmed’s Publishes First Annual Social Impact Report

Westmed’s Publishes First Annual Social Impact Report

Westmed Medical Group is proud to announce the publication of its first annual Social Impact Report.


Each year, Westmed cares for more than three hundred fifty thousand patients in Westchester and Fairfield Counties. Our people and our team of passionate caregivers, dedicate their lives to educating our patient population and champi­oning health, wellness, and prevention initiatives that impact the communities where we work and live.


This document includes key highlights and progress for the business from the 2019 calendar year, as it relates to our mission and organizational purpose.


By educating our community, investing in our people, supporting sustainable practices, and adopting meaningful innovation, we aim to reshape the patient experience, support wellness and build healthier communities where future generations will thrive.


This annual report serves as a transparent acknowledgment of our efforts in four key areas:


    • Community – Westmed actively champions health, wellness and prevention initiatives that impact the com­munity where we live and work with volunteerism and community education events.
    • People – The best characteristic of Westmed physicians, nurses, ad­vanced care providers and staff is their unwavering commitment to our organizational values, includ­ing empathy and mindfulness. We have been recognized as a Fortune Magazine “Best Workplace” and have enhanced benefits to help our employees live healthy, balanced lives.
    • Environment – Building a long term, sustain­able approach to the delivery of quality health care to reduce or eliminate negative impact on human health or our environ­ment. We recently were awarded the official GBP Green Business Certification after demonstrating significant organizational investment in environ­mental sustainability and energy conservation
    • Innovation – Addressing the needs of our digitized health care ecosystem, and implementing unique and effective technological solutions that address challenges faced by patients, physicians, staff and our community. Westmed is proud to have been honored as a winner of the eHealthcare Leadership Awards for the second consecutive year, for creating outstanding patient-centered online tools and services.

To read or download Westmed’s 2019 Social Impact Report click here.