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August 22, 2019

Westmed’s Diabetes Education Program Recognized for Excellence by the American Diabetes Association (ADA)

Westmed’s Diabetes Education Program Recognized for Excellence by the American Diabetes Association (ADA)

Westmed Medical Group is proud to have our Diabetes Education Program recognized by the American Diabetes Association for Quality Diabetes Self-Management Education* and Support for the third consecutive year.

Westmed Medical Group and the American Diabetes Association (ADA) believe that high-quality diabetes education is an essential component to providing patients diagnosed with diabetes the foundation to understand their disease and the tools necessary to stay healthy.  Diabetes is a chronic disease that requires a person to make daily self-management decisions such as what to eat, how to take medications correctly and the importance of exercise.

Westmed obtained ADA certification in 2016 and has continued its commitment to providing a comprehensive team environment whereby such high standards are met and sustained.  In our Diabetes Education Program at Westmed, patients  learn to how to eat healthy effectively, be physically active, monitor blood sugar levels, take medication, problem solve, reduce risk for other health conditions, cope with the stress and lifestyle changes of diabetes, and improve their overall quality of life. The program includes a dedicated care team of primary care providers, endocrinologists, optometrists, podiatrists, certified diabetic educators, nutritionists and a pharmacist.

“It has been projected that one in three individuals will develop type 2 diabetes by 2050.  This recognition demonstrates Westmed’s dedication and adherence to best practice guidelines set by the ADA in providing diabetes self-management education and support services to our patients,” said Maureen Adams, Chief Clinical Officer at Westmed Medical Group. “Annually Westmed submits evidence to the ADA that our providers and diabetic educators follow the high standards and criteria established by the ADA. This evidence includes examples of patient chart documentation, outcomes data and organizational structure. We are proud of this program and the providers who support our patients as they learn to manage their condition and maintain their quality of life.” 

Did you know?

Each day more than 3,900 people are diagnosed with diabetes. Many will first learn that they have diabetes when they are treated for one of its life-threatening complications – heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, blindness, nerve disease, and amputation. About 1.5 million new cases of diabetes were diagnosed in people aged 18 years or older in 2015.

If you or your family member has diabetes, it is important to schedule an appointment with your primary care providers to manage your condition. Visit to get started.


Westmed’s Diabetes Educator, Barbara Smith was instrumental in obtaining our original certification in 2016 and has ensured annual compliance with standards and reporting to maintain our recognition.