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October 30, 2018

Westmed Introduces Telehealth and Online Reservations for Urgent Care & Immediate Care

Westmed Introduces Telehealth and Online Reservations for Urgent Care & Immediate Care

Westmed Medical Group has launched two new innovations that make it easier for patients to manage their health needs on their own schedule. With a sharp focus on enhancing patient experience and improving patient access to care, the group has announced the introduction of both telehealth services, as well as a new online reservations platform for their seven Urgent Care and Immediate Care locations throughout Westchester County, NY and Fairfield County, CT.

Westmed’s new telehealth solution, “Westmed Virtual Visit”, is a technology that offers existing Westmed patients the option to receive care for a non-emergency illness or condition through a secure video conferencing platform. Westmed patients can access Virtual Visit using their desktop computer, tablet or smartphone, and speak with a board-certified Westmed provider within minutes.  Each visit lasts approximately 10 minutes, and offers patients the benefit of remote access to care for minor healthcare needs.

“Our Virtual Visit service is unique in that the board-certified providers who already staff our Urgent Care and Immediate Care Centers will be familiar faces you speak with when you begin your visit online,” explains Anthony Viceroy, CEO of Westmed Medical Group.  “With Westmed Virtual Visit, patients can have on-demand access to care, and receive a diagnosis and treatment plan from home or work, after speaking ‘live’ with a provider from the group they already know and trust.”

Out-of-pocket costs for Westmed Virtual Visit are just $49. To learn more about Westmed’s Virtual Visit solution, go to www.westmedgroup.com/virtualvisit.

Further, Westmed has also announced the launch of the “Save My Spot” service, which enables patients to make an online reservation at their preferred Westmed Urgent Care or Immediate Care location, with the goal of delivering reduced time in the waiting room.   Patients who opt to save their spot online can remain comfortable at home until their confirmed visit time approaches, and be seen more quickly by a Westmed provider upon their arrival.

Online booking also offers patients the time-saving convenience of pre-registration, including the option of uploading a photo of their insurance card. “Patient experience is truly a top priority for Westmed, and we will continue to adopt innovations that deliver quality care faster and more conveniently,” says Mr. Viceroy. “We are happy to offer our patients a solution that allows them more time away from the waiting room, coupled with greater transparency into their anticipated wait.”

The “Save Your Spot” service is available at all Westmed Urgent Care locations throughout Westchester and Fairfield counties and Immediate Care in Stamford, CT. To reserve a spot online, patients visit www.westmedgroup.com/savemyspot . Walk-in visits for Westmed Urgent Care and Immediate Care are still welcomed.