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January 19, 2022

Westmed and Summit Health FAQs

Westmed and Summit Health FAQs

Why are Westmed and Summit Health coming together?

Westmed and Summit Health share a vision and mission of improving the way healthcare needs are addressed by offering timely, high-quality, comprehensive care with an exceptional patient experience. The decision to come together as one organization came after years of careful deliberation and a clear understanding of the likeminded commitment to connected, high quality care that is shared by Summit Health and Westmed.  We are confident that this relationship will allow Westmed to continue on our path of growth and improvement, enhancing access to services, ensuring appropriate care management, and enabling us to deliver continuity of care to an even greater patient population.

Who is Summit Health?

Summit Health is a patient-centric network committed to simplifying the complexities of health care and bringing a more connected kind of care. Formed by the 2019 merger between Summit Medical Group, one of the nation’s premier independent physician-governed multispecialty medical groups, and CityMD, the leading urgent care provider in the New York metro area.

Summit Health has more than 2,000 providers, 8,000 employees and over 200 locations in New Jersey and New York, as well as more than 130 providers and six locations in Central Oregon – previously known as Summit Medical Group Oregon.

Will my Westmed Medical Group providers remain the same?

Yes!  We want to assure you that as we begin our integration with Summit Health, we will continue to prioritize the high quality care that you have come to expect from us, and offer an even greater range of services and convenience over time.  You should expect that your experience in our offices will remain unchanged – you will still see your same Westmed providers and clinical staff in the same office setting and receive the same quality care from our team.  You will still come to the exact same medical offices and facilities to receive care from the doctors you know and trust.

What will change when Westmed becomes a Summit Health Company?

The Westmed community can expect positive impacts to patient experience, benefiting from resources to invest in the areas that matter most to our patients, like high quality care, convenient services, and digital access.  We also anticipate that over time, there will be radical improvements to operational areas that have been less than satisfactory for our patients in the past, including our Contact Center.

How will I make appointments with my Westmed doctors in the future?

You will continue to schedule appointments with your Westmed care team the way you always have. You can either visit our website to make your appointment or call to get started.

How will Westmed and Summit Health address the current challenges patients are facing?

In the last few months, we understand that many of our patients have experienced substantial disruption as a result of our transition to the Athenahealth Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Patient Portal.  It is important that our patients understand that any disruptions you may be experiencing are in no way related to the Summit Health relationship.  Our patients remain our number one priority, and it is our promise to deliver several immediate and meaningful changes surrounding areas that are causing our patients frustration.  In the coming weeks, Westmed will communicate a solution for how patients can access historic medical history and lab results that were available to you in your previous patient portal.  While it is important to be aware that your Westmed providers do still have access to your full medical history, and that you are still able to request full copies of your medical records from the Health Information Management team, we are committed to making it easier for you to have access to these records at your fingertips. Additionally, Westmed will continue to enhance the usability of our new Athena patient portal by adding a “cancellation and rescheduling” feature for select health services. We understand that these are areas of concern that many patients have expressed, and will be sharing more with you around these solutions soon.

We want to assure you that as we begin our integration with Summit Health, we will continue to prioritize the quality care that you have come to expect from us, and offer an even greater range of services and convenience over time.