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November 7, 2017

Westchester Magazine Features 80 Westmed Physicians in Top Doctors Issue

Westchester Magazine Features 80 Westmed Physicians in Top Doctors Issue

We’re proud to announce that 80 Westmed physicians are on Westchester County’s Top Doctors list published in the November 2017 issue of Westchester Magazine. The magazine generates its list based on information compiled by Castle Connolly Medical, the highly respected healthcare research-and-information company. The magazine is now available on newsstands in book stores, grocery stores, etc. and has been mailed to subscribers.

Castle Connolly relies on nominations from licensed physicians to identify top doctors.

The Westmed doctors are listed below according to specialty.

Allergy & Immunology


Bariatric Surgery


Breast Surgery

  • Dr. Adora Fou



  • Dr. David Cziner
  • Dr. Amanda Ganem
  • Dr. Michael Silver


Colorectal Surgery

  • Dr. Evan Krakovitz



  • Dr. Sandra Bost
  • Dr. Diana Hurwitz
  • Dr. Amy Newburger
  • Dr. Alan Schliftman
  • Dr. Saryna Young


Diagnostic Radiology

  •  Dr. Rand Stack
  • Dr. Jonathan Weiss



  •  Randy Stein
  • Dr. Kenneth Weiser


Family Medicine

  •  Dr. Thomas Apuzzo
  • Dr. Arleen Sharpe


Female Pelvic Medicine and Reproductive Surgery 

  • Dr. Basil Kocur



  •  Dr. James Ehrlich
  • Dr. Jonathan Finegold
  • Dr. Hashem Hashem
  • Dr. Alan Jaffe


Geriatric Medicine

  •  Dr. William Martimucci


Gynecologic Oncology

  • Dr. Herbert Gretz, III


Infectious Diseases

  •  Dr. Sandra Kesh


Internal Medicine

  • Dr. Diana Arevalo
  • Dr. Ronald Dennett
  • Dr. David Herzog
  • Dr. Steven Kubersky
  • Dr. Jonathan Rie
  • Dr. Lori Saltzman-Gabelman


Maternal Fetal Medicine

  •  Dr. Patricia Devine


 Medical Oncology

  •  Dr. Stuart Feldman



  • Dr. Anthony Korosi
  • Dr. Iosif Kolbovsky
  • Dr. Marianne Monahan



  •  Dr. Jeffrey Berman
  • Dr. Andrew Decker
  • Dr. Athanasios Dousmanis
  • Dr. Leon Stephan Kranzler
  • Dr. Cordelia Schwarz
  • Dr. Ronald Silverman



  •  Dr. Maria Abbattista
  • Dr. Julianne Dunne
  • Dr. Bonnie Eilen
  • Dr. Philip Florio
  • Dr. Dmitry Gerber
  • Dr. Vanessa Grano
  • Dr. Helen Jhang
  • Dr. Rebecca Kleban
  • Dr. Catherine McGovern
  • Dr. Randee Wysoki



  •  Dr. Beth Bromberg
  • Dr. Steven Greenberg
  • Dr. Lori Tindel-Kahn
  • Dr. Steven Zabin


Orthopedic Surgery 

  • Dr. Young Don Oh



  •  Dr. Barry Shapiro



  •  Dr. Thomas Angello
  • Dr. Fredric Bomback
  • Dr. Barbara Coven
  • Dr. Sandra Ganea
  • Dr. Ronald London
  • Dr. Wendy Proskin


Pediatric Endocrinology

  •  Dr. Chhavi Agarwal


Plastic Surgery 

  • Dr. Michael Suzman


Pulmonary and Internal Medicine

  •  Dr. Bruno DiCosmo
  • Dr. Steven Meixler
  • Dr. Bruce Sherling
  • Dr. Emanuel Wurm


Radiation Oncology 

  • Dr. Daniel Fass


Reproductive Endocrinology

  • Dr. Martin Keltz



  •  Dr. Jack Berger
  • Dr. Diana Goldenberg


Thoracic Surgery

  •  Dr. Cynthia Chin
  • Dr. Todd Weiser



  • Dr. Judd Boczko


Vascular Surgery 

  • Dr. Eric Fishman