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SMS Help

Sign up to receive Westmed reminders by registering your mobile number with us at the front desk or by logging into your My Westmed account and entering your mobile number under Contact Information on your profile page. If you have a scheduled appointment, you will receive 2 to 3 messages per appointment from the Westmed office’s phone number. Message and data rates may apply.

To discontinue receiving SMS messages, text “STOP” to a previous text message from Westmed. If you wish to opt back in to SMS reminders, text “START”. For additional help, contact or call (914) 607-4717.

By opting-in via any of these previously stated options, the Westmed patient understands that standard text messaging is not secure means of communication of protected health information (PHI). However, Westmed will use text messaging to communicate PHI if the patient agrees to such communication method. Patients should carefully consider the use of text for the communication of PHI and should understand that there are known and unknown risks that PHI may be disclosed to, or intercepted by, unauthorized third parties. These risks include but are not limited to (i) the email or text being sent to the wrong person due to the sender’s use of the wrong email address or phone number, (ii) e-mail and text service provider’s ability to archive and inspect communications, and (iii) computer hacking and viruses.

Westmed respects your right to privacy. View our Privacy Policy.