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Virtual Visits

Westmed Medical Group’s telemedicine platform enables patients access to their trusted primary care providers and specialists using a convenient and secure video technology. Book a Virtual Visit today with a Westmed doctor that you already know and trust.

What to Expect

What is a Virtual Visit?


A Westmed Virtual Visit is a telemedicine solution designed to make healthcare convenient, should you need care for a non-emergency medical condition or illness. By definition, telemedicine is the remote diagnosis and treatment of a patient by means of communication technology such as video conferencing or a phone call.

What happens during a Virtual visit?


Westmed Virtual Visits will allow you to meet with the Westmed care providers you already know and trust through convenient, secure, live video conferencing technology through your computer or mobile device. It is the same world-class care you are accustomed to receiving from Westmed, just from the comfort of your home, the convenience of work, or from any other private location.

Who is eligible and how can I start using Westmed Virtual Visits?


All existing Westmed patients are eligible for Virtual Visits. We are in the process of expanding our Virtual Visit program, so we recommend that you contact your provider to find out if they are participating.

I’m interested in conducting virtual visits with my doctor. How do I begin?


To schedule a Virtual Visit, simply call your provider’s office and request a “Virtual Visit” over the phone. You may also send your provider a message through the My Westmed Patient Portal to determine whether a Virtual Visit might be right for you. 
Once your Virtual Visit is scheduled, you will receive an email with instructions on how to download the necessary mobile application and start your visit.

How do I start my visit?


If you plan to conduct the Virtual Visit from your mobile device, we recommend you follow these instructions to download the necessary mobile application, at least 30 minutes before your scheduled visit.
A few minutes before your scheduled visit is set to begin, log in to the app hit the “Start Visit” button, and that’s it! Your care provider will meet with you shortly


How do I get billed for my virtual visit?


Most major insurance carriers like UnitedHealthcare, Aetna, Cigna, BCBS and Medicare provide coverage for Virtual Visits. Your deductible may vary depending on your coverage, so we recommend that you speak with your individual insurance carrier to find out whether you are covered.
If for some reason your Virtual Visit is cancelled, or your clinician decides that your condition or illness is not appropriate to discuss through Virtual Visits and you need to be seen in-person, you will not be charged for your Virtual Visit.


What do I need in order to participate?


WiFi is strongly recommended. If using a mobile device:

  • Android device, or iPad/iPhone iOS 10 or later
  • If using desktop or laptop device: A webcam and speakers are required for your Virtual Visit.

Compatible browsers if using a desktop computer, laptop, or Android device:

  • Firefox v.47 or later
  • Chrome v.50 or later

What other type of equipment do I need to use Westmed Virtual from my smartphone, tablet or desktop?


When accessing the Westmed Virtual call from your mobile or desktop device, please use these instructions and remember to download the “Westmed for Patients” app through the App Store, Google Play if you are conducting the visit from your mobile device.

Do you have contact information for technical support, if I am having trouble accessing the Westmed Virtual Visit?


For any questions please reach out for support by clicking the chat icon at the bottom right of any browser or emailing/calling: or call 866-896-1431.

Is the connection between myself and my clinician secure and private?


Yes, just like a regular doctor’s appointment, your virtual visit is entirely private and confidential. It is very important that you conduct your visits in a private, secure location.