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Vascular Surgery

Vascular Care at Westmed Medical Group provides patients with the highest level of individualized and compassionate care. Our board-certified vascular surgeons use most advanced treatment options and therapies available both in the hospital and at our vascular center at 3030 Westchester Avenue in Purchase, NY and the Rye Ambulatory Surgery Center.

Vascular Center

Our vascular center, located at 3030 Westchester Avenue in Purchase, NY, is a unique facility that offers state of the art vascular care in a spacious, modern setting. Our skilled vascular surgeons and interventional radiologists collaborate closely with our ultrasound technicians, nurses, X-ray technicians and office staff to deliver high quality compassionate care. Ultrasound or vascular lab testing can be performed at the time of the visit, so that a patient can receive results and speak with a physician before they leave their appointment.

Our talented doctors can perform a number of minimally invasive procedures in our center using X-ray and ultrasound guidance to help you stay healthy, active and out of the hospital.

Our available procedures include:

  • Radiofrequency ablation of varicose veins
  • Sclerotherapy for spider veins
  • Phlebectomy
  • Dialysis access maintenance
  • Peripheral angiography with available angioplasty, atherectomy, stent insertion
  • Venogram with intravascular ultrasound and available stent insertion
  • Uterine fibroid embolization
  • Pelvic congestion syndrome
  • Permacath, port, and PICC line insertion
  • IVC filter insertion and removal
  • Needle biopsy
  • Thoracentesis
  • Paracentesis
  • Wound debridement