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The goal of the Podiatry Department at Westmed is to improve the quality of life for patients suffering from foot and ankle conditions. Our specialists partner with patients to develop a personalized treatment plan that will enable them to walk without pain, wear shoes comfortably, participate in exercise and leisure activities, and prevent serious complications, such as wounds or amputation.

Bunions & Lapiplasty®

If conservative, nonsurgical measures don’t bring relief from bunion pain, Westmed’s podiatrists are skilled in various procedures to correct your deformity, including Lapiplasty®, which is an innovative and new type of procedure for 3-D bunion correction.

What is a bunion?

A bunion is a deformity of the joint and metatarsal bone which is at the base of the big toe. As the bone begins to lean sideways, the big toe starts to point inwards. The metatarsal bone begins elevates off the ground, putting excessive pressure on to the other toes – causing pain and pressure in the foot.

What are the symptoms of a bunion?

  • A bump on the side or top of the foot
  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Pressure
  • Numbness


What causes a bunion?

While wearing tight or constrained footwear may exacerbate the symptoms of a bunion, many bunions emerge due to genetic predisposition, and bio-mechanical imbalance (imbalance of the foot’s anatomical structure).


Traditional bunion surgery aims to “shave off” the bone and fix the appearance of the problem. However, it doesn’t address the root cause of bunions which is an unstable foundation of the joint at the base of the toe.

What Makes Lapiplasty® Different?

Unlike Osteotomies (traditional bunion surgery), Lapiplasty® uses advanced instrumentation to correct the entire metatarsal alignment in 3 dimensions which removes the bump and straightening the toe. Often, if the 3D problem of the metatarsal alignment is not corrected, and a surgery is performed only to improve the cosmetic appearance of the “bump”, the bunion will return and need to be corrected again. Recovery time is similar to other procedures and many patients are walking within days of surgery, without the need of a cast. Further, most patients are even able to return to playing sports after their bones have fully healed at approximately 4 months. Overall, the benefits of the Lapiplasty® treatment include:

  • Addresses the root cause of the problem (an unstable joint).
  • Provides a multi-dimensional solution, rather than just a cosmetic solution.
  • Allows patient to be back on their feet sooner.