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The goal of the Podiatry Department at Westmed is to improve the quality of life for patients suffering from foot and ankle conditions. Our specialists partner with patients to develop a personalized treatment plan that will enable them to walk without pain, wear shoes comfortably, participate in exercise and leisure activities, and prevent serious complications, such as wounds or amputation.

The podiatry team at Westmed Medical Group has the expertise and passion to ensure you get the foot care most suited to your individual needs.  Board certified by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery, Westmed’s podiatrists provide foot care for patients of all ages. As a group, we explore both nonsurgical and surgical options for treatment of foot problems that will yield the best results for you.

From routine foot problems to the most complex cases, the podiatrists at Westmed are attuned to the latest advances in podiatry and leverage sophisticated techniques for treatment of foot issues.

Conditions We Treat

The importance of foot health is often underestimated. Of all our body parts, feet get the most use and foot problems can lead to other issues with your knees, hips and even your spine. These problems can affect your quality of life. Our experts recommend preventative care and monitoring of persistent foot and lower leg disorders. Our podiatrists offer extensive surgical and nonsurgical treatment for foot problems. We treat the following conditions related to foot health:

Why We Are Different

Getting you back on your feet is our chief concern, whether you want to comfortably return to your job, play golf again or simply enjoy a long walk without pain. Armed with a treatment plan tailored to your needs, our podiatrists spend extra time with each new patient and are committed to giving you answers to your foot problems during your first visit. Wherever possible, Westmed podiatrists run all necessary diagnostic tests in the first appointment so you can get immediate relief.

Many of our podiatry patients are referred by Westmed doctors. Our advanced communication technologies (electronic medical records) allow for your primary care physicians to be aware of your treatment plans and they work with your podiatrist to ensure comprehensive and effective care.