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Back and Spine Center

Our experts take a team approach to spine care, collaborating to solve the reason for your back or neck pain – and providing you with the treatment plan that will have you feeling better fast.

Physical therapy is an integral part of nonsurgical spine care. Our physical therapists see patients with all types of back and neck pain, and work closely with physicians to tailor a treatment plan specific to each condition.

For patients undergoing spine surgery, physical therapy is also critical in speeding recovery and improving function.

The exercises and treatments used in physical therapy aim to reduce pain, increase strength and flexibility, and return you to an active lifestyle. If your physician prescribes a course of physical therapy, you’ll generally go two to three times a week, for four to six weeks. Treatment may extend longer for post-surgical physical therapy.

During all phases of treatment, our physical therapists will keep your physician updated on your progress.

Physical therapists at the Spine Center treat a wide range of painful conditions, including herniated discs, bulging discs, spinal stenosis, muscle spasms, sciatica, strains and sprains, facet joint dysfunction, low back pain, stiffness or pain in the neck or cervical spine, pain in the thoracic spine, kyphosis and compression fractures.

Treatment plans include:

  • Full evaluation of strength, flexibility, balance, alignment
  • Manual therapy, soft tissue massage
  • Joint mobilization to increase range of motion
  • Exercises to strengthen core muscles that support the spine
  • Ultrasound, heat and ice, electrical stimulation
  • Education on posture, body mechanics and correct ways of moving, lifting and sitting
  • Exercises to increase flexibility of hips and legs
  • Pre-hab physical therapy to increase strength and flexibility before surgery
  • Training, before spine surgery, on post-surgical movement patterns (getting out of bed, using stairs, etc.)
  • Full course of rehabilitation after spine surgery
  • Home exercise plans to supplement treatment