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October 15, 2018

Safety Tips You Can Use for Avoiding Eye Injuries at Home

Safety Tips You Can Use for Avoiding Eye Injuries at Home

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“To avoid eye hazards at home, use common sense and be “eye smart” when doing DIY projects or activities, especially if there are children around,” says Dr. Steven Zabin, Westmed ophthalmologist. These cautions are offered as reminders during “October is Home Eye Safety Month”.

Wearing protective eyewear will prevent 90 percent of eye injuries, so make sure that your home has at least one approved pair and that you and your family members wear the eyewear when risks come into play.

There will still be occasions when accidents and injuries happen. Consider taking some of these safety steps around the home to diminish the risks even more:

    • Read the labels of chemicals and cleaners carefully, and don’t mix products.
    • Secure rugs and railings.
    • Cushion sharp corners and edges of furnishings and home fixtures if you have children or the elderly in your house.
    • Check the lawn or the outdoor area where you will be working for debris that can become a projectile.
    • Keep your tools in good condition; damaged tools should be repaired or replaced.
    • If you are working with any machines or materials that have any likelihood of spraying or splashing materials or fluids into the air, then wearing protective goggles or glasses is a must!!
    • Make sure that all spray nozzles are directed away from you.
    • Use grease shields on frying pans to protect from splattering.

By taking these precautions, family members will be helping to prevent the leading causes of accidental home injury.