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July 27, 2020

Reasons Why You Should be Wearing a Face Mask Right Now

Reasons Why You Should be Wearing a Face Mask Right Now

New York and Connecticut are two states that have achieved ongoing control of COVID-19, in no small part due to education and commitment to PPE and social distancing protocols set forth by public health authorities.  Dr. Sandra Kesh, Deputy Medical Director and Infectious Disease Specialist at Westmed Medical Group explains why it’s important to continue wearing masks in addition to other measures such as social distancing and good hand hygiene.

    • You Could be Contagious and Not Even Know It!

Studies have shown that up to 40 percent of infected individuals have no symptoms of infection. This means that you could be infected and spread the virus, without even knowing that you’re sick!  Wearing a mask whenever social distancing is not possible prevents you from unknowingly spreading the virus to your friends and family. Remember that young people usually do fine with this infection, but older individuals can become severely ill.  Wearing a mask, whether you feel sick or completely well, is really about protecting the people you care about from getting a potentially life-threatening infection.

    • Masks Protect You Too

COVID-19 spreads mainly through viral droplets and prolonged contact with an infected person. Cloth face coverings can serve as a good barrier toward preventing entry of these particles into your nose and mouth.  Again, this protection only works as long as you use it consistently. 

    • Show Essential Workers How Much We Appreciate Them

Essential workers such as healthcare workers, grocery store clerks, cleaning staff, mail carriers, bus drivers…the list goes on, have worked very hard to contain the virus in New York and Connecticut. By wearing a mask, you are doing your part to prevent the spread of the virus, and showing the essential workers in your community that you care about their well-being.  When our  doctors and nurses see you wearing a mask, they know you have their back!

    • Set an Example for Children

Before we know it, summer will be over and many children may be heading back to school.  Kids learn by watching what their parents do.  The more you model correct mask use and hand hygiene, the more likely your children are to incorporate this into their normal routine as well.  Kids need reminders too, especially when around friends and in settings where they can easily forget the “new rules”.  If they see you maintaining social distancing and mask use around your friends, they are much more likely to do the same around their friends, especially when you’re not around to keep an eye on them!  Reinforce the new rules when kids return to school, by doing a daily “check-in” of mask use and hand hygiene after the school day.  Steps like this help remind everyone in the family that this is a shared responsibility, and essential to keeping us all safe. 

    • Keep up the Good Work!

Using a combination of good hand washing, social distancing (6 ft apart or more) and wearing masks, the people of New York and Connecticut have made tremendous strides toward reducing the spread of COVID-19.  Although we still have a way to go, staying vigilant will help us keep this virus in check, and our communities safe and healthy.


If you are having difficulty wearing a mask or need help finding a mask that works for you, you can always make an appointment with your primary care practitioner to discuss helpful tips.  Also don’t forget  to check out Dr. Sandra Kesh’s Facebook Live Q&A about effective mask wearing for more helpful advice.