Morrie A. Kaplan

Morrie A. Kaplan, MD

Internal Medicine
  • White Plains
    210 Westchester Avenue, GPS Enter, West Harrison, White Plains, NY 10604-2901
  • (914) 682-6532
  • (914) 681-5260
  • Spanish

About the Provider

Dr. Kaplan specializes in internal medicine. He graduated from George Washington University and received his medical degree from Autonomous University of Guadalajara. He completed his postgraduate training at College of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey’s affiliated hospitals.

He has been in practice in the White Plains area since 1980. He was an internist with Kaiser Permanente before joining Westmed Medical Group in May 1999.

Dr. Kaplan has privileges at White Plains Hospital. He is fluent in Spanish and Yiddish.

Medical School
Universidad Autonoma de Estado de Mexico
Degree: Doctor of Medicine
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Hospital Affiliation
White Plains Hospital

Office Location (1)

  • White Plains
    210 Westchester Avenue
    GPS Enter, West Harrison
    White Plains, NY 10604-2901
    Ph: (914) 682-6532
    Fax: (914) 681-5260


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