What You Need to Know About Vaccines

Click here to access important patient information about vaccinations


Here’s a Checklist to Help you Prepare for Every Visit:

Whether this is your first appointment, or you are a returning patient, the best way to get the most out of a visit with your Westmed Medical Group provider is to come prepared to ask questions.

  1. Bring your insurance card.
  2. If you are a new patient, and need to transfer medical records from another provider please download and complete this form.
  3. Be prepared to provide your medical history, including the dates of any prior hospitalizations, surgeries, eye exams, immunizations, etc.
  4. Bring a list of your medications—especially if you are seeing a physician outside of Westmed, since we will not have access to provider data outside of Westmed.
  5. Download this Medication Tracker and fill in medication names, dosages and how many times you are taking them.
  6. Remember, you can view current Westmed medication information anytime via the My Westmed patient portal.
  7. Consult your doctor before making your own appointment with a specialist. Sometimes your primary care physician can treat the same condition as a specialist.
  8. Be sure to check with your insurance company to confirm your appointment does not require a referral.
  9. Visit the My Westmed online patient portal, and download the My Westmed mobile application for iOS or Android to review your personal health information anytime.
  10. Please click one of the following links where you will find a list of participating insurance companies for providers in Connecticut and New York.
  11. Write down all of your healthcare concerns and questions you’d like to address during your visit. Here are links to four pages that may be helpful.