What is the Westmed Patient Advisory Panel?

At Westmed Medical Group, we aim to be a partner in our patients’ comprehensive lifelong care – but we know that being a partner means actively listening to what our patients have to say about the experience they have, and the care they receive at Westmed.

Our Patient Advisory Panel is a team of past and present Westmed patients, along with key Westmed staff and executive team members, who meet regularly to discuss ways that Westmed can improve processes, and enhance patient experience. We engage in conversation around a wide range of key topics to understand what our patients need and value, and how Westmed can be a better partner in their care.

Examples of Topics Discussed at the Westmed Patient Advisory Panel:

The insights we gain through this panel of real patients is invaluable to us. We encourage interested participants to take an active role in their care by becoming a Westmed Patient Advisor today!

How Can I Join the Patient Advisory Panel?

Send an email to patientadvisory@westmedgroup.com to inquire about becoming an advisor today!