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January 22, 2019

How to Keep Moving – Even in the Winter!

How to Keep Moving – Even in the Winter!

During the winter months, it is easy to neglect your regular exercise routine.  The frigid temperatures, and shorter daylight hours are both big deterrents to getting your shoes on and going outdoors.  Many studies show that people who exercise regularly benefit from a more positive mindset.

So how do you keep from having the winter blues when you’re cooped up inside? Westmed Medical Group’s Director of Physical Therapy, Christina Rosado, DPT, has some great advice to help keep you moving in the winter.

    • Exercise with a friend. You’ll be more motivated and less likely to skip your workout if you recruit an exercise buddy.
    • Switch up your routine. Try a new exercise class. Switching up your routine can keep you motivated while working out different muscle groups.
    • Set a goal. Whether it’s to lose a few pounds or run a half marathon, a goal set for spring can keep you moving through the winter.
    • Think about how you’ll feel after you exercise. Exercise can boost your mood and re-energize you.
    • Try an at-home workout- you don’t need to go outside or join a gym. You can get a great workout at home with just your body weight.

In addition to providing care after injury or disease, the Physical Therapy Department at Westmed Medical Group, offers preventive services to help Westmed patients stay healthy and active. Services include guidance on lifestyle changes that can significantly improve quality of life.

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