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February 19, 2020

Westmed Executive Shares Her Heart Healthy Morning Routine

Westmed Executive Shares Her Heart Healthy Morning Routine

Westmed Medical Group’s Chief Clinical Officer, Maureen Adams, was recently appointed the new chair for the 2020 Westchester Go Red for Women movement. Ms. Adams has spent her career advocating for and improving health care for patients. She believes that one of the many ways to improve your own heart health is by developing a heart healthy morning routine. A good start to a productive, successful day depends on your morning habits and rituals. Ms. Adams shares her morning routine to help you kick-start an amazing day.

Most of us wake up, maybe hit the snooze button or jump right out of bed on auto pilot. You might simply skip breakfast, grab a cup of coffee or tea and start your busy day. What if we took a different approach – a heart healthy approach? Each day is a gift, so here’s a look at my routine that I hope will inspire you to have a heart healthy day:

My Typical Heart Healthy Morning:


    • 5:30-6:00AM: When I first wake up, I take a few mindful breaths and a moment of gratitude before I get out of bed. I also take a moment to stretch in bed.  Think of how a puppy or kitten wakes from a nap with a long stretch and big yawn. Allow your body and mind a few moments to acclimate to a woken state.


    • 6:00AM: Before I even leave my bedroom, I try to do one set of exercises like push-ups, squats or lunges to slowly waken up the large muscles of my body.


    • 6:15AM: I like to drink a big glass of water before I eat anything. Up to 60% of an adult body is comprised of water and often we are dehydrated, especially when we wake up.


    • 6:30AM: My favorite part of the morning… a heart healthy breakfast! At each breakfast, I aim to incorporate fruits and vegetables as much as possible. Most of us get enough protein in our diet but struggle to incorporate fruits and vegetables. Some ideas to incorporate more fruits in the morning include bananas and almond butter, roasted pears with ricotta cheese or a quinoa-bowl with melon. To boost my veggie intake, try eggs with avocado and salsa, sautéed spinach and kale or brussel sprouts and sweet potato hash.


    • 7:00AM: Before I hop in the shower or head out the door, I try to take 10 minutes to meditate or reflect on my goals for the day.


    • 7:15AM: By this time, I am ready to head out the door with a smile, and welcome the day ahead. I aim to maintain positive energy in the morning to improve mood, performance, and overall well-being.

Watch the video below to hear how Westmed Cardiologist, Dr. David Cziner, incorporates heart healthy habits into his busy day. Small daily decisions can have a great impact on your long-term health!