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October 20, 2021

Halloween Safety & COVID-19 Guidelines

Halloween Safety & COVID-19 Guidelines

Coronavirus cases are decreasing across the U.S., but community transmission still remains high amidst the virus’s delta variant. While the CDC has given the “green light” for trick-or-treating this Halloween, Dr. Sara Kopple, Westmed pediatrician and mom, shares her recommendations to make this holiday spooky and safe.

Happily, with COVID-19 cases on the decline, we are confident that families can return to many traditional Halloween festivities, while incorporating some of last year’s innovative trick-or-treating safety hacks (my personal favorite was the candy chute!)

We continue to recommend staying outside and masking up if you must go inside. In many suburban communities, families set up tables outside their houses for trick-or-treaters to enjoy. I am an advocate of this model because it creates a greater sense of community and togetherness, while still maintaining social distance. Neighbors have the opportunity to reconnect, and families without small children can sit outside and enjoy the festivities as well. My young children had fun decorating an outdoor table, and as a mom and doctor, I loved seeing the candy spread out across the table (avoiding that dreaded germ bowl).

We also want to share a quick reminder that we are seeing a spike in all the other common childhood illnesses, so remember to get your flu shot – “Flu Before Boo” – and we hope to have news of the school-age COVID-19 vaccine imminently.

Existing Westmed patients aged 8 and older can schedule a flu vaccine visit at Patients with an existing appointment with their Westmed pediatrician will be offered the flu vaccine during their doctor’s visit, and do not need to schedule a separate appointment at the clinic. Walk-ins are not accepted, and appointments are required to get your vaccine at the Westmed Flu Vaccine Clinics. For children ages 6 months to 7 years, parents should contact their pediatrician’s office to schedule a flu vaccine appointment.

For more information on how to safely celebrate the holidays this year, the CDC released an updated set of guidelines. Have a happy and safe Halloween!