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January 9, 2018

FREE Meal Replacement Promo with Westmed’s Jumpstart January

FREE Meal Replacement Promo with Westmed’s Jumpstart January

Are you looking for strategies to eat healthier, and finally achieve your weight loss goals this year? If your answer is YES, let our board-certified team of obesity specialists, dietitians, and nutritionists help you stop the weight gain, improve your health and prevent life-threatening disease!


Westmed’s Weight Management team is kicking off our new Jumpstart January program by offering one week’s worth of FREE New Direction Chocolate Beverages with Fiber to the first five NEW Weight Management patients* who schedule and attend a consultation with our team. The chocolate beverage is a high-protein meal replacement (promotional value worth $40!).


To be eligible for Westmed’s Jumpstart January promotion:


    • Call program coordinator Gina New today: (914) 831-4121
  • Give her the code for the promotion: Jump-Start.


  • Call before the promotion ends on Friday, 01/29.
  • Remember, you must be a new patient* in Westmed’s Weight Management Program to be eligible for this promotion 


January Tip from Dr. Nitya Sharma, director of Westmed’s Weight Management Program:  

  • Eat enough and make sure your fridge is stocked with healthy produce and protein.
  • Remember: It’s important to follow a weight-loss plan that keeps you full and not deprived or hungry. Otherwise, you set yourself up for failure.
  • The Healthy Measures component of our program includes a dietitian who works with you to create the right diet and gets you programmed for success.



*”New patients” are patients who have not consulted with the Westmed Weight Management team in the past.