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May 4, 2018

Foot Care for Summer – Avoiding Ouches & Injuries

Foot Care for Summer – Avoiding Ouches & Injuries

From Dr. Ivan Herstik, Westmed Podiatrist:

Now that your feet are coming out of hiding and into the warm weather, let’s review some foot care tips to help prevent those cuts, blisters, and splinters that none of us want.  Wearing flip-flops or walking barefoot can lead to certain injuries if you’re not careful.

Wear Flip Flops in Moderation

Some styles of flip-flops and sandals are better than others, but should still be worn in moderation. Sandals are typically flat-sole surfaces, and provide no arch support needed for shock absorption.  

Check the Arch Support

Avoid flip-flops that can fold in half when bent, as this indicates the sandal offers poor support. The best sandals bend only at the ball of the foot and ensure proper reinforcement.  

Rethink Bare Feet

Be extremely cautious when walking barefoot during summertime, as doing so can put you at higher risk for getting cuts (stepping on sharp objects or glass) or splinters. You could also increase your chances of contracting a virus or bacteria, such as athlete’s foot, in warm, moist places like the public pool. 

Don’t Forget Sunscreen

Summer foot care also includes sunscreen! In order to avoid painful sunburn, remember to apply UVA/UVB sunscreen to the tops of your feet, in addition to exposed skin on the rest of your body.  

A Special Note: Westmed podiatrists say that patients with diabetes need to have regular foot screenings to keep their feet healthy. If you’re diabetic, see a podiatrist once a year.

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