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July 29, 2019

Does Your Eye Color Put You at Risk for UV Damage?

Does Your Eye Color Put You at Risk for UV Damage?

When the sun is out, your skin isn’t the only thing you need to protect from strong UV rays. It’s important to remember that your eyes are also at risk of being damaged from the sun, especially if you are someone with light-colored eyes. Westmed optometrist, Dr. Anney Joseph, has some helpful information and tips to ensure your eyes are protected all year long.

1.      Sensitivity comes from lack of pigment.

People with light colored eyes, specifically hazel, green, or blue, tend to be more sensitive to light. This is because light eyes have less pigment in the iris to protect from ultraviolet radiation.

2.      The sun is NOT the only source that causes UV damage.

Artificial sources of UV rays, including tanning beds and equipment that emits ultraviolet light like lasers or welding machines, are just as likely to damage your eyes.

3.      Light eyes do put you at greater risk.

You are more likely to develop macular degeneration, cataracts, or “eye sunburn” from UV rays when you have light eyes.


…..So What Can You Do to Prevent UV-Eye Damage?




4.      Wear a hat.

Wide-brim hats allow for your eyes to be shaded, protecting them from rays of ultraviolet radiation.


5.      Always keep sunglasses in your car/purse/backpack.

Having an extra pair of sunglasses on hand will ensure you can always keep your eyes protected, even when you are on the go. Be mindful of the pair of glasses you are buying. You are most protected when the sunglasses have one hundred percent UV radiation protection.


Although people with light eyes should be extra cautious, everyone can take preventative measures to avoid eye damage. Westmed’s optometry team has all of the resources you need, from routine examinations to  prescription sunglasses. For more information or to schedule appointments with Dr. Joseph go to