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May 20, 2020

The Complications of High Blood Pressure and COVID-19

The Complications of High Blood Pressure and COVID-19

Early research shows that if you have high blood pressure, you do not necessarily have an increased risk of catching the coronavirus. You may, however, have an increased risk of developing serious complications and experience a higher rate of fatality if you contract COVID-19 and you have a history of high blood pressure. Westmed cardiologist Dr. David Cziner speaks to his patients frequently on this topic, and is here to reassure us that “your chances of surviving an infection are still very high even if you are hypertensive”. Below, Dr. Cziner also shares expert answers to other frequently asked questions he receives about the link between hypertension and COVID-19.


      • If you are managing your hypertension and taking medication do you still have to worry about COVID?  

There is currently no information to state that controlled or uncontrolled hypertension makes a difference. One would think that better control of your blood pressure MIGHT help you fight the disease, however this has not yet been studied.

      • What can you do to help manage your hypertension during this period of time?   

There initially was concern about several types of blood pressure medications with regards to COVID-19 infection and so far all the studies show that they are safe to continue.  You should continue to take your blood pressure medications as before and continue to monitor your blood pressure with your doctor. Also, for your overall health, it’s important to eat well and exercise to maintain your immunity and help to lower your blood pressure.

      • When would you say somebody should see their physician if they have hypertension and they’re worried about COVID-19? Are there symptoms that people should monitor closely?  

Some of the symptoms of COVID-19 infection and poorly controlled hypertension overlap. If you have concerns about having been exposed to the COVID-19 infection, or are experiencing chest pains, shortness of breath, new or uncontrolled headaches you should contact your primary care doctor immediately.

 Westmed’s offices are all open, so if you feel you need to see your cardiologist to discuss your treatment plan, or ways to better manage your hypertension through lifestyle changes and/or medication, you can schedule an in-office appointment any time.

      • If you are currently managing high blood pressure and you get COVID, should you inform your cardiologist?  

As long as your blood pressure is controlled and you are following up with your primary doctor then there is no need to see your cardiologist.  If however, your blood pressure goes too high or too low, then you should certainly consult with your cardiologist, and involve him/her in your care.

      • Is there anything more you would like to add?  

We are living through a daunting time of unknowns. When you’re feeling overwhelmed or concerned about any health matters or symptoms, know that your provider is here to help navigate you through it and remember that  the majority of people who contract COVID-19 survive with minimal complications and do well.