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Practice your passion in one of the best places to work.
At Westmed, we look for individuals who are interested in and seek a challenging, growth-oriented, dynamic and friendly environment.


Westmed believes that ‘Culture is King’ and we firmly believe that the most critical part of our organization is the over 1,500 physicians and professionals who come to work each and every day. We preach that we want every single employee to come to work and be ready to practice their passion in a friendly, respectful, and collaborative environment that is emblematic of one of the best places to work in the entire country. While we provide our patients the best quality, efficient, and coordinated medical care possible, we have fun doing it!

Westmed: Great culture
Westmed: Great values
Westmed: Great environment

Our organization takes pride in investing in important social events throughout the year which we believe are sound investments to build, camaraderie, trust, and respect between staff members. We look forward to annual events such as sponsoring multiple Westmed corporate co-ed sports and recreation teams – including both softball and kickball –  Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Day in the Summer, and breakfast at sites to celebrate Employee Recognition Day in the Fall.  All of these fun activities culminate with our big bash Holiday Party during the December Holidays. Our culture of inclusion and passion has earned Westmed Medical Group national recognition by the Great Places To Work Institute as a “Great Rated Company” annually since 2014, a “Best Workplaces in Healthcare”  (#27), and a “Best Workplace in New York” (#23) in 2017 by Fortune Magazine. By the way, did we mention that every employee gets a delicious Apple Pie to take home to add to their families’ Thanksgiving Table?

Who We Hire

Here at Westmed, we look for individuals who are interested in and seek a challenging, growth-oriented, dynamic and friendly environment. Individuals with a strong work ethic along with a caring personality are who we find to be most successful here, fitting into our not so basic mantra of simply being “Smart” & “Nice”. Our organization is constantly looking to bring on like-minded people who have a genuine interest in helping people and possess an intellectual curiosity to try and do things better and more efficiently. During the interview process, our talent professionals and line managers have a thirst for speaking with candidates about what their passion is relative to their career and how it can apply to Westmed. We have a bias towards professionals at every level who bring a high level of personal and professional reflection and who are highly emotionally intelligent. The best talent at Westmed are professionals who are open to feedback and candor aimed at nothing less than making themselves better prepared to take on more responsibility in the future and grow their compensation potential accordingly. We strive to bring out the best in all of our team members and provide individuals with the support they need to achieve their career aspirations.

New Hire Orientation

New hires are engaged in the overall Westmed experience from Day 1. Our uniquely robust orientation program is both fun and informative. Expectations for each individual’s contribution is defined by our Executive Team as they talk about the company strategy and guiding principles that support our culture’s values. Hearing directly from our leaders and asking them questions is a highlight of the program. Additionally, we discuss The Westmed Brand, The Patient Experience, Corporate Compliance, HIPAA, creating an environment free of harassment, Employee Benefits and Westmed University. We also show virtual site tour videos. We also run a Reintroduction to Westmed for 10+ year employees and providers to congratulate them, provide a refresher on The Westmed Brand and The Patient Experience and gather their ideas and feedback to make continuous improvements. This reintroduction allows seasoned veterans of the organization to gain a renewed sense of how special our organization is.

Westmed New Hires

Career Development Models

Westmed is proud to not only fill open positions internally wherever possible, but we take special pride when we are able to promote from within professionals into the supervisory, management, and senior management levels. We focus on building our talent bench strength and provide every employee the ability to take on more responsibility and accordingly more income potential. Westmed employees are asked to identify their 2-3 year out career goals so we can help them achieve these goals through learning activities, succession planning initiatives and on-going manager support. To facilitate meaningful career conversations, functional area models are provided listing roles, responsibilities and skill / knowledge requirements. Our ultimate goal is to have every member of our family know exactly what their next career position might be, how they can get there, and what management can do to help them achieve their goals. Finally, to ensure we retain and develop the finest clinical staff possible, Westmed provides a very generous tuition reimbursement program for Medical Assistants who wish to become Licensed Practical Nurses while they work at WMG.

Talent Engagement

Westmed leadership is highly accessible, always visible, and champions programs to engage employees at all levels in the organization, including the ground up design and deployment of initiatives such as “We Engage” meetings for employees to share their ideas to help make each day better at Westmed, build a positive culture and take service excellence to the next level.

Westmed Talent
Westmed Laboratory

Westmed University

We are able to practice what we preach relative to Talent Engagement by providing all staff members with highly specialized and completely in-house developed learning and development curriculum which we call “Westmed University”. Consistent with this theme, a quarterly Talent Development training schedule is available to grow and develop all employees. Curricula include management training, business skills training, systems and technical training, service excellence training, compliance training, and functional training bootcamps for patient experience and clinical support team members. Westmed partners with SUNY to deliver a range of training programs for employees and managers, including 3 levels of Excel, Customer Service Excellence, Change Management, Difficult Conversations, Sexual Harassment Avoidance and How to Mentor.

Leadership Academy of Westmed University

Westmed offers a 3-tier mentoring program (employees, managers, leaders), a 15 hour robust management training curriculum, physician and employee coaching initiatives, and on-the-job tools such as a Manager’s Business and Service Skills Training Toolkits. Additionally, armed forces and local law enforcement deliver Civilian Preparedness and Active Shooter Training.

What Our Employees Say

Meet some of the employees who greatly contribute to our success
Medical Assistant

I really care about the way my patients feel.

Licensed Practical Nurse

WESTMED cares about the needs of the employee.

Medical Assistant

The best part of my role is seeing the smile on a patient’s face after surgery is over and done.

Medical Assistant

Continuing education is key. I am a medical assistant, and I am currently in nursing school.

Service Culture Activation

The satisfaction of the over 300,000 patients of Westmed Medical Group is paramount to our mission. This is accomplished by “Activating” the service and culture champion within each of us, hence our term for augmenting the experience of our patients of “Service Culture Activation” Westmed drives culture by equipping employees with the skills, tools and resources to consistently deliver what we call, “service exceptionalism”. Training is provided on The Westmed Brand, The Patient Experience and Leading Responsibly. Reinforcement and refresher is provided through an Enhancing the Patient Experience program that includes role play scenarios. We want every patient to understand that our organization places the highest of premiums on care that is compassionate and empathetic in its delivery with each and every visit. All of this collectively has positioned Westmed Medical Group to be positioned among the highest national and regional patient satisfaction scores.

Westmed Awards Program

Westmed congratulates and highlights our most outstanding employees who live and breathe our cultures of quality, efficiency and service. Our people are our most valuable strategic resource. Managers lead by example, demonstrating and role modeling appreciation and gratitude. Awards include: President’s, Diamond, Star, GEM and Profiles in Leadership. We also have other recognition initiatives championed by our leadership team, such as a ‘You Knocked My Socks Off!’ program. On an annual basis Westmed invests a significant amount of money into these critically important recognition opportunities which allow us to show off the very best of our Human Capital.

Westmed: Great service
Westmed: Great careers

Community Events

Westmed places a significant credence on our corporate social responsibility. We give back to the communities in which we operate through a wide range of volunteer opportunities with Volunteer New York to help our community grow stronger. Our annual service event allows over 50 staff members to participate collaboratively for an entire day to do good work to benefit those in need. We also have Westmed teams at Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk, a corporate FunMore with proceeds donated to cancer research and more. Finally, Westmed makes available on a quarterly basis, independent community service opportunities our staff can feel free to participate in on their own time, since giving back is so important to the people that make up our family.

Wellness Initiatives

Westmed participates in ‘Make a Move’ challenge which encourages employees to adopt or maintain an active lifestyle with friendly competition, support and encouragement to inspire all to keep moving. We also provide wellness educational resources and host special wellness events. We allow staff to save money on their medical insurance by participating in our “in-house” wellness program.

The Bottom Line

Westmed loves its people. Some other companies may look at all of our programs and initiatives as needless expenses that go against the bottom line. Westmed looks at them differently, we see these programs as investments in people who take care of our patients.