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October 13, 2020

Booking Your Lab Appointment

Booking Your Lab Appointment

In order to keep you safe and reduce your time in the waiting room, Westmed’s lab is now by appointment only.

Book your appointment here. 

If your doctor sends you to get bloodwork in our lab, schedule by clicking here. If you need to schedule bloodwork, or need to talk to your doctor about putting labs in, you can reach out to them via the My Westmed portal, or over phone

What to Know Before You Book Your Lab Appointment

    • Non-Medicare patients: can have labs drawn up to 7 days prior to their annual physical exam appointment with a Westmed Internal Medicine provider. *For insurance coverage purposes, please do not schedule lab work more than 7 days in advance of your physical exam appointment.
    • Medicare Patients: Speak to your provider if you would like to have your labs drawn prior to your annual physical exam. If you are a Medicare patient, your Westmed provider must place orders for bloodwork in the system if you want to have your labs drawn before your annual exam.

Antibody Testing

If you are scheduling a lab visit for a Coronavirus Antibody Test you MUST complete a Virtual Visit with your primary care provider before your order will be placed for antibody testing. To schedule a Virtual Visit online, click here.

Note: Westmed cannot accept prescriptions for lab work from non-Westmed physicians.