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    Dermatopathology Provider(s) for this Specialty:

    What We Do


    Dermatopathologists are physicians who specialize in diagnosing skin biopsies through a microscope. Our specialists are board certified in both dermatopathology and anatomic pathology, and provide expertise in diagnosing numerous skin conditions. They often see patients with complex cases that require expert analysis for proper diagnosis.


    Conditions We Treat


    Our physicians see patients with a variety of skin disorders, many of whom are referred by their dermatologists for specialized diagnosis and treatment. Patients may have conditions including atypical nevi, pigmented lesions, melanoma and other forms of skin cancer, Paget’s disease, immunologic or infectious skin disorders, melanocytic neoplasms, cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, cutaneous tumors, neoplastic and inflammatory skin conditions and pediatric skin diseases. Our dermatopathologists’ areas of expertise include:


    • Histopathologic diagnosis of skin lesions
    • Special stains
    • Direct and indirect microfluoresence studies
    • Microbiology/mycology
    • Soft tissue pathology
    • Comprehensive immunochemistry
    • Evaluation of margins on request
    • Frozen sections
    • Technical slide preparation


    Why We Are Different


    Our board-certified dermatopathologists are highly skilled in diagnosing complex skin disorders, and have years of experience in both clinical research and patient care. They work in partnership with patients’ other physicians, providing specific diagnoses to maximize patient outcomes. Our specialists prepare clear, concise diagnostic reports in a timely manner, so that patients can begin treatment as quickly as possible, and work to ensure that patients fully understand their conditions.