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    Wound Care Center
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    Our Wound Care Center is dedicated to providing compassionate, exceptional, comprehensive care to our patients with acute (new or recent) or chronic (longstanding) wounds. Patients are provided with individualized care, starting from initial assessment and a focused treatment plan to ongoing treatment and consultations on care management.


    Types of Wounds Treated:


    Acute wounds:


    • those caused by trauma, from falls or injuries
    • burns
    • post-operative wounds



    Chronic Wounds:


    • pressure ulcers (elbows, hips, buttocks, heels, etc.)
    • leg  (arterial or venous) and foot ulcers
    • post-radiation wounds



    An initial treatment plan is developed at the patient’s first visit. The plan is modified if needed at each subsequent visit depending upon the healing level of the wound or the need of the patient. A variety of treatment modalities is utilized, including debridement (removal of non-healing tissue), topical products such as gels or foams and management of wound infections. 

    Recognizing that a wound can have a significant impact on the quality of life of both the patient and the patient’s family, we strive to simplify home care of the wound as much as possible. We will work with family members to teach them to do dressings changes if the patient is unable. A visiting nurse from an outside agency can also be arranged for eligible patients, to provide home care in between visits to the Wound Care Center. We may be able to have wound care supplies delivered directly to the patient’s home, depending upon the patient’s insurance coverage. In addition, referrals may be made to a home equipment company for an evaluation of those patients who need a special mattress or seat cushion.


    Multidisciplinary Wound Treatment:

    Since WESTMED offers comprehensive patient care in the form of multispecialty providers, we are in an excellent position to draw upon that expertise to provide the best possible wound healing. For example, we work closely with our primary care physicians, especially for those patients who have co-morbidities (diabetes, chronic inflammatory conditions, neuropathy, obesity etc.) that may impact wound healing. We have specialists to manage infection and pain control and behavioral therapists to work with patients who have anxiety and depression because of their wounds. Patients can be referred to our vascular or plastic surgeons for possible surgical interventions to aid wound healing.


    How to Make an Appointment:

    Appointments can be made by calling (914) 848-8880.