Palliative Medicine Service
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    Palliative Medicine Service
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    What We Do

    The Palliative Medicine Service is here as an extra layer of support to you and your family when you are living with illness that is serious.  Our team provides comprehensive care that focuses on improving quality of life and reducing suffering at any stage of illness--at the same time as curative treatment--and regardless of prognosis.

    Serious illness may include: cancer, heart disease, lung disease, kidney disease, dementia, ALS or multiple sclerosis.

    Why We Are Different 

    • We partner with you and your doctors to help you be more successful with your treatments and life with serious illness.  We focus on you. 
    • We spend time getting to know you and how serious illness affects your life.  
    • We offer practical advice and aim to help you through treatment and transitions between the office, hospital, and community and rehabilitation facilities.  
    • We layer in our services and support to help you maintain your quality of life across your life.

    Our Services Include:  

    • Expert management to relieve pain and other symptoms without having to give up curative treatment
    • Practical advice and information for you and your family
    • Help in identifying the goals for care and expectation for treatment
    • Support and counseling to help cope with the changes illness brings to daily life
    • Coordination and communication between you, your family and your medical team to maximize your treatment and care options
    • Assistance with planning for the future focused on financial support and completing  advanced directives. 

    Patients who are cared for by palliative medicine teams typically have fewer emergency room visits, shorter hospital stays and better results from medical care. They also have higher levels of satisfaction with their entire healthcare experience.

    *Services vary depending on patient and family preferences.