Talented People
Kasia BilinskaChief Cytotechnologist

Kasia Bilinska

What are the best aspects of your current role/job?
Cytology is the one of those fields that focuses acutely on the intimate relationship between disease and its prevention. It is my foremost wish to prevent every disease and to create a healthier environment for us to live in, trusting that everything is possible with a steadfast work ethic and persistence.
What differentiates WESTMED as an employer in the community and/or health care industry?
WESTMED is diverse in the sense that it has so much more to offer than traditional healthcare. You can spend a health day at WESTMED with a girlfriend and have a mammogram, Pap smear, remove a skin tag, see a nutritionist and finish with the yoga class. This is all for less than what you would be billed at the hospital.
What is the best piece of career advice you can give someone on how to be successful at WESTMED?
It is a must to keep up to date on new tests and testing methods. It is also important to enable the other members of the team to offer the best therapeutic regimens and understand the complexity of laboratory testing and molecular studies in an ever-changing world of healthcare.