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COPD Program

We are pleased to offer two interactive, educational programs for  patients with COPD, their families and caregivers,  with the help of Dr. Steven Meixler,  Kate Olko, FNP and the rest of your WESTMED COPD Team.  


Topics that will be discussed include:


  • What is COPD?    
  • Symptoms, course & complications  
  • Approaches to treatment  
  • Nutrition, exercise, lifestyle  
  • Recognizing a “flare” - partnering with your  healthcare team to avoid ER visits and hospitalization    
  • WESTMED approach to hospital care and transitioning  back to life at home    
  • Integrated approach to care - case management  
  • Role of palliative medicine for the patient with  advanced lung disease and the family    


Thursday, January 22nd | 5:30pm - 6:30pm | Ridge Hill, 73 Market Street, Yonkers, NY


Thursday, February 19th | 5:30pm - 6:30pm | 3030 Westchester Avenue, Purchase, NY

Register online by clicking here.