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 Appointment Reminder System to Serve You

People’s lives are busier than ever. For our patients’ convenience, we use a telephone reminder system called TeleMinder to remind you about your upcoming appointments. We also use it to alert our patients to the times when important appointments are due (for example, letting those individuals considered “high risk” know that it’s time for their flu shot and to remind women of mammography appointments).

To confirm an appointment, the automated caller says, “Someone in your household (to protect the patient’s privacy, we don’t give the name) has an appointment with (provider’s name)”.

Recently, we began using the service to not only confirm an appointment, but to give you the opportunity to reschedule or cancel an appointment if necessary. The automated system “interacts” with you. A professional-sounding voice gives details about the upcoming appointment: date, time, and physician. You are asked to confirm the appointment, or you have the option to cancel it, and to reschedule. If you hit “reschedule,” one of our associates will call you back within the next business day to assist you in rescheduling.

If you make a wrong choice, you will have several chances to undo it. If you mistakenly press Option 2 to cancel your appointment, you will be asked to press 2 to confirm the cancellation--just like computer software pops up a dialogue box asking if you really mean to delete data. If you accidentally hit 2 the second time, you will be asked to call your doctor’s office to get back on his/her schedule.

WESTMED benefits from TeleMinder because it helps to keep physicians’ offices running smoothly on their daily schedule of appointments—thanks to the feedback they are getting from patients. It can decrease your time in the waiting room, so it is definitely a win-win.

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