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Health Awareness

WESTMED's Third Urgent Care Center Is Open

WESTMED is pleased to serve the community with a third Urgent Care Center that opened recently at Westchester's Ridge Hill in Yonkers.   The operating hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

“We are happy to be able to fill the need for urgent care for residents and their families who live and work in and around Westchester County’s largest city,” says Dr. Jason Shuker, lead managing physician for the WESTMED Urgent Care Centers and associate medical director.

This is WESTMED’s sixth year of operating Urgent Care facilities.  WESTMED’s first Urgent Care Center opened in April 2005 at 210 Westchester Avenue, White Plains, followed by the opening of the second Center at 1 Theall Road, Rye, in 2007.

 “We serve all age groups in these facilities, ranging from a few weeks old to over 100 years of age, and are proud that patient satisfaction ratings are high,” Dr. Shuker explains.

Reasons to like WESTMED’s UCCs

WESTMED UCCs have the advanced diagnostic tools of a hospital, including laboratory services and imaging capabilities, such as X-rays and ultrasound.  And our Urgent Care Centers offer shorter waiting times than an emergency room. 

Mary Stein, RN, MSN, UCC’s clinical manager, comments on the skilled providers, ““Our staff is very well trained and educated to handle various medical issues that crop up on a daily basis. Our team is dedicated to caring for each patient as an individual. Our number one goal is to provide thorough, compassionate and efficient care, and to have each patient leave with a satisfying experience.”

Ms. Stein adds, “Because of our electronic medical records, your primary care physician or specialist will be well informed of any condition that occurred outside of business hours or on weekends. This provides continuity of care.”

Most insurance plans are accepted as well as fee-for-service payments.  Co-payments are based on the insurance plan and, when applicable, are usually less than an emergency room visit.

Conditions We Treat at our UCCs

Urgent care works best for patients seeking immediate assistance when their doctor’s office is closed, when they are not able to make an appointment, and when they don’t need a hospital emergency room. Most often the Urgent Care team sees patients with sore throats, upper respiratory infections, sprains, strains, minor burns and lacerations, neck pain, back pain and simple fractures, but they are not limited to those conditions. 

Not Only Treatment But Follow-up

When patients come to Urgent Care, our physicians assess and treat your medical problem, including a complete diagnostic evaluation. Our systems allow for quick reporting of lab and imaging results, where they are available for physician review during your visit.  The Urgent Care providers will make a recommendation for follow-up treatment with your primary care physician and, when required, with a specialist.

People We Have Pleased

“We are always examining and re-examining the service that we provide to our patients by seeking feedback on a year-round, daily basis from patients in our UCCs and at WESTMED overall, “ said Dr. Shuker. Below are comments received recently:

·         “To Dr. Shuker and the staff:  Thank you for the excellent care I received at your Center on Tuesday, August 23.  I cannot express enough appreciation for the excellent care and overwhelming kindness I received. I am extremely grateful.”  –Marie Blancato


·         “Hi, I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with James Cawley when my husband arrived at the Theall UCC. I believe he immediately realized that my husband was having a heart attack and acted quickly to get the ambulance transport there and my husband stabilized. I felt the staff of women assistants was also very caring and supportive of both my husband and me.  I was particularly touched and impressed with his follow-up call several days later.  Please pass along our thank you”. –Cornelia Zell

When is a Hospital Emergency Room the Better Choice? 

For life-threatening symptoms, such as chest pain, call 9-1-1. An ambulance will come for you, your family member or friend to get treatment at the nearest hospital emergency room.

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